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Two contributions accepted at the 2023 Academy of management annual meeting and one was awarded as Best paper in the entrepreneurship track

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The Junior Professorship of Entrepreneurship will contribute with two studies to the 2023 Academy of Management Annual Meeting; one was awarded as a best paper. Prof. Dr. Daniela Gimenez Jimenez and her co-authors from the WIWI faculty, LMU and Texas Tech University will present two articles at this year’s Academy of Management Annual Meeting. With Prof. Steffen Stresse, Dr. Corinna Schmidt and Cecile Wilme, they explore the relationship entrepreneurial passion and risk taking propensity. The second study is together with Dr. Esther Salvi, LMU and Prof. Dr. Diana Hechavarria. In this study, we investigate the relationship between informal and formal institutions and their effect on the proportion of informal entrepreneurship in different countries. This study was awarded as best paper in the entrepreneurship track.