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Department of Business and Economics

Women and Diversity in Business: Theory and Methods

Modul: Strategic and International Management II
Lecturer: JProf. Daniela Gimenez
Credits: 7,5 Credits
Course type: Seminar
Language: Englisch
Exam: Presentation and writing seminar assignment
Application: E-mail to JProf. Daniela Gimenez
Date and place: Monday and Wednesday, 16:00 - 18:00 in SRG1 3.032
Beginning: tbd
Interim presentation: tbd
Deadline for term paper: tbd


Women and diversity in business have gained attention in the media, policymakers as well as academia, giving the increasing number of women in entrepreneurship, family businesses, and corporate spheres. Despite this trend, women and other minorities are underrepresented in many industries, and the board of directors, their businesses experience high failure rates, as well as, they prefer to not join family businesses. Due to these patterns, in the last decades, there has been an increasing body of research on the topic, aiming at understanding not only what drives and hinders women and other minorities in the business sphere but also their role in the business and society. In this seminar, we will provide and discuss recent research on women and diversity in businesses. The seminar has two main learning goals: First, the students will acquire a profound knowledge of the field of women and diversity in business, including qualitative and quantitative studies; and second, the students will obtain the skills of scientific working and writing.

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